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I grew up in Yateley, a charming place in England. My family eventually moved to the United States, where I went on to attend the University of New York. I've had several career opportunities and hobbies but artistic interests were always my most passionate. Writing came naturally to me and through the years, I had some chances to write for others but eventually the stories I wanted to tell became a priority when I began work on The Kingdom of Meridian romance novels.

I wanted to be more dimensional, rather than only writing books of a single genre, so I ventured into children's literature as well with a series called The Bear & Bee Bedtime Rhymes. The stories and associated music gave way for me to include more personal elements from when my children were small and wouldn't go to bed without a nightly concert of acoustic guitar. The theme of the rhymes is that as long as there is love at home, then a child should feel 'normal' regardless of whom they call a parent.

While I do tend to take on a lot of projects, I also enjoy an active lifestyle of fitness, travel and various pursuits. I like to learn new languages and customs, especially in Eastern Europe, there is an energy there unlike any other place I've visited. I support children's charities in under developed countries and hope you will consider doing the same, as there is no hope for many children unless people wake up to the reality of hunger, lack of clean water, disease and ignorance that keeps many children from ever reaching adulthood.

The Bear & Bee bedtime rhymes for children by Shian Serei



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I'm currently serving as senior judge on the Chaiberia Film Festival, a specialized competition of views taken from trains around the world.